Mary Tostado

Owner and Manger: Mary Tostado

Mary, is licensed and insured beekeeper with a mission, to save the world one bee at a time. Mary rescues thousands of beehives from certain doom in San Bernardino, Los Angeles and other cities throughout the Southern California Area. Mary is known by her passion of saving bees especially, taking care as first priority to save the queen bee.
Today, Mary manage her own company, USA Live Bee Removal, and offers insights and knowledge of why bees are so important for our world, Tostado Website is full of articles on how to protect and save our bees!
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About USA Live Bee Removal, Live Bee Removal is a company located in Inland Empire and serving Southern California, we safely remove bees from many building structures and plant life from branches, bushes, tress, and inside valve boxes. We do not TRY to do live removals, we ONLY DO live removals.
USA Live Bee Removal offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If any bees return to the location of where the original removal took place, we will remove them at $0 cost to you.

USA Live Bee Removal specialize in safe, organic live bee removal services and can take care of your bee problem without the use of dangerous chemicals. We believe in live bee removal whenever possible. And, unlike other companies, we do not charge extra for live bee removal. We also specialize in organic or green bee hive removal. This process requires a skilled professional trained in handling bees and the honey combs so that minimal damage is done to the bees, the hive and the handler.