Swarm Removal

Swarm Removal and Relocation from a Bush or Tree

We can safely remove and relocate a swarm of bees hanging from your tree or bush. We have low, flat rates, and can get you on the schedule as quickly as possible. If your swarm just arrived please don’t be alarmed. Your bees have no honeycomb or babies and have no reason to be territorial or aggressive. Please do not bother them and they will not bother you. We will remove them by hand and relocate them to a great place for a low flat rate.

More information:
Swarming is the natural means of reproduction for honeybee colonies. A new honeybee colony is formed when the Queen Bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees, a process called swarming. In the prime swarm, about 60% of the worker bees leave the original hive location with the old queen. This swarm can contain thousands to tens of thousands of bees. Swarming is mainly a spring phenomenon, usually within a two or three week period depending on the locale but occasional swarms can happen throughout the producing season.

Emergency Bee Removal Service 24/7
Live Bee Removal in Inland Empire have Emergency Same Day Services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We understand that when it comes to the safety of your children, pets, employees or tenants, and the possibility of a life threatening allergic reaction that there is no time to waste to make sure that you get the service you need immediately. Call 951-476-8495

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