Beekeeping Inland Empire

Beekeeping Inland Empire is the cities we target. However, we are a company striving to save bees and allow them to continue doing their duties. So, what does that mean to you as a customer? Whether you’re located outside of this county, we are willing to come to you for a low-cost! No matter what the occasion may be, there isn’t a place where we can go. We target homes, outside field clubs, businesses, and churches. We do not limit our duties in order to save bees.

How do Bees influence our world

We see in bees something that many bee companies don’t. Some see an opportunity to take money from you and harm bees, and others who want to purposely kill bees. However, we do not want to harm bees; in fact, we want them to continue doing their duty once removing them from your location. Their roles plays significantly once you study them and value them. Here’s a list of facts about their roles:

Importance of bees in pollination

Importance of bees within food webs

Financial contribution of bees to the economy

Bees benefit biodiversity

Trees need bees!

They have much to teach us

help sustenance farmers

help communities – beyond pollination and honey production!

Bees are like ‘the canary in the coal mine’ – they tell us about the health of the wider environment

Bees are part of the earth’s wonderful biodiversity!

10 Reasons Why Bees Are Important-

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