How To Safely Remove Africanized Bees

Our main goal for removing Africanized Bees, or whichever Bee it may be, is their safety. Their safety allows us to know that we’re during our job right. When hiring us, we work incredibly fast, don’t use any hazardous chemicals, nor do we kill them! Likewise, we guarantee you that no bees will return to your home or workplace. Unlike most businesses that promote the usage of chemicals. We, however, don’t use chemicals because it leaves a dangerous chemical which we breathe in. In addition, using such chemicals leaves a trail of pungent odor that attracts more bees! Moreover, businesses that promote such usage are scamming you, and even hurting the environment.

So’cal Residents

If you’re a local So’Cal resident, you will notice the bees (Africanized Bees) can be highly defensive once bothered. So, before trying to remove the beehive yourself, be aware that you’re attacking their home. In the same fashion, if someone were to attack your home, you will get in defensive mode, and so will the bees. Instead of removing bees yourself, allow us to safely remove the bees. When hiring us, we promise you that the cost will be affordable. How To Safely Remove Africanized Bees, is complex and for your safety, we highly recommend leaving the bees alone and hire us experts to remove them. As stated above, their safety if our job, and so is relocating bees in a safer environment.

Our Business

We are a dedicated business that does not use pesticide but only use effective bee removal. Using effective bee removal methods means the customers will permanently have the bees removed. How is that possible? In addition, Safety removal, and having the queen with the colony will be relocated to a much safer haven.

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