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Arizona: Bees Pose Menace

A particularly aggressive strain of honeybee has been menacing parts of Arizona in recent weeks, with some people getting stung so many times that they have been hospitalized. This week, an 84-year-old Tucson-area man was stung more than 2,000 times in his backyard. Three dogs have been killed, and beekeepers report an increase in calls to remove hives and swarms. Experts point to the Africanized honeybee, also known as the killer bee, which is a cross-breed between the European honeybee and the African honeybee, as the attacker, according to Reed Booth, who runs a bee-removal business in Bisbee. The killer bee is the result of experiments in Brazil decades ago, and the insects migrated to the United States. The bees are more prevalent in warm Southwestern states such as Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. If their hives are disrupted, they become especially aggressive.


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