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So let’s say you discover you have honey bees living inside your roof or in between studs of your wall and you have no clue how long they have been residing in your home. Perhaps your first reaction is to call an Exterminator or attempt to take care of the problem yourself.

In either scenario, more than likely poisons have been applied inside the roof or wall of your home. You no longer see bees; so you assume problem solved, you can now rest easy… Think again!

Not only have poisons that are potentially harming to pets been applied to your home, but the entire contents of the hive remain inside the structure. Suddenly your former problem chain reacts to another. Without bees tending their hive, honey begins to ooze out of the comb, dripping down your walls. You begin to notice stains and/or mold surfacing from the poison and deteriorating contents. Next thing you know, rats, roaches and other pests have all joined together for a feast.

You’re left scratching your head with the question of ‘what now?’
Now you must hire a Contractor to tear into the structure where the bees once inhabited and remove the poisoned hive contents, dead bees and pest evidence. Once the mess is well cleaned, the Contractor can then perform repairs.

So let’s recap:

Initial Exterminator service fee
Second Exterminator service fee to rid pest invasion
Contractor cleanup fee
Contractor repair fee
On top of this disastrous situation, you run across an article online about the decline of honey bees and you are guilt-ridden because you just eradicated a thriving colony that just so happens, was pollinating your back yard garden.

What should you have done instead?
What should you do if you discover you have honey bees?
Call USA Live Bee Removal our beekeeper will perform a Live Bee Removal, If the colony has not been contaminated with pesticides or any other substance, Fly by Day Honey will cut out the colony in the most non-invasive manner possible. The bees and their hive will be relocated to an area where they can thrive.

Yes, you still will need to schedule a Contractor for repairs, but you avoid exposure to poisons, pests and have the ultimate satisfaction of knowing you helped save honey bees!

Now you can see why it not only is the most ethical choice, but it’s far more economical and clean.

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