The Live Bee Removal in Downey, California, perform live bee relocation from trees, landscaping, roofs, walls, attics, fireplaces, sheds, cars, boats, planes, cell towers, personal residences and commercial buildings.

The average bee swarm consists of ten to twenty thousand bees and a mature hive can grow to over forty-five thousand bees. We relocate hundreds of swarms and hives each year. The Live Bee Removal have years of bee removal experience and can manage gentle or aggressive bees for you without incident. “Caution” We have remove Africanized hybrid bees. Africanized bees have been responsible for many injuries to people and their pets. With early detection and relocation of wild bee swarms and hives, we may be able to manage the Africanized bee threat. Please do not approach bees, they may feel threatened and respond in a hostile way.