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It’s come to our attention that honey bees have been on the rise in California and San Bernardino is no exception. Bees can be a hassle to deal with because most people don’t want to get stung. We have received many calls from concerned parents that have bees invading their porches and awnings. Don’t try to remove a beehive on your own, give our bee control experts a call today to let us handle it for you.

Honey bee hives can contain up to 6,000 bees. When you remove the bees but not the hive you are setting yourself up for further pest issues. Honey bee hives left behind that contain honey can stain and attract other rodents and insects. Therefore, should you have a problem with honey bees make sure that whoever removes the bees removes the hive as well.

Bumble bees typically live in areas near to the ground if not in the ground. They are only a pest during the warmer months but can be very aggressive so we advise you contact us for bee control instead of risking getting stung multiple times. Bumble bees are aggressive when protecting their hive so it’s best not to approach a hive should you discover one and call us instead.

Carpenter bees are common to San Bernardino and are typically a solid black color. They do not sting but people have mistaken them for bumble bees before. The best way to tell the difference is by noticing the lack of hair on carpenter bees and their shiny bodies in comparison to bumble bees.  Unlike many other bee species, carpenter bees are solitary bees. They burrow holes in places to protect themselves.
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